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Hello, I am Anna Falcke and I run a small creative company in Bristol making scarves and accessories. We design and hand make our collections with the help of a wonderful team of home sewers.  We sell through small independent shops and boutiques around the country and are usually seen at the Christmas markets where we love to meet our customers face to face!

 Due to the pandemic we have had to adjust the way we do things this year.  All our Trade and retail fairs are cancelled which has given us time to look at new directions and opportunities. We have taken on a new creative to help promote our brand through social media and marketing.  It is early days but already Bryony Jade’s hard work on our different social media platforms are showing real results! - )  We have also developed some new ideas and lines which we have wanted to pursue for a long time but the lack of time has previously not allowed for.

This year we have launched a completely NEW 100% organic cotton collection of scarves and Wristees® (fingerless gloves) made from beautiful GOTS certified fabrics and are currently about to reveal a very limited edition of Hand-painted one-off pieces.  I have also collaborated with another Bristol creative ‘Joanna Swan’ and we are producing a unique range of Hand-painted silk and velvet earrings.  We are feeling very excited about the new collections which will make fantastic Christmas presents.

This year has presented huge changes for our business. Running a small company producing our products takes a lot of organising and planning.  Gaging how much of a product to make and building stock through the year to be able to fulfil our orders through the autumn and winter.  For 3 months the workshop went quiet, the team stopped making and we completely hunkered down, dealing with our own personal situations, recovering from illness, grieving loved ones and doing what we needed to do.  This quiet time has allowed for other paths to open and to be explored.  The frenzied hamster wheel slowed and a feeling of a new calm entered.  We have such lovely customers who have helped keep us buoyant and upbeat.  Our customers feel like friends appreciating what we do and supporting us with their orders and positive feedback.

 For the team at Wristees® - supporting local and small is so important! You help us and we help the local economy by providing local jobs. We are run by local people and offer something different to the large corporate companies.  We can go that one step further with our customer service making it more personal.  We have a face to the business and the products we make are original, we make everything locally so reducing our carbon footprint.  Here is one of our best sellers – Wristees®  (Red tartan). 

Please take a look at our website and see what you think. 

Please comment, we listen and appreciate any suggestions/ideas.  Thank you.


Other creatives always understand and support. Having been a maker for so long I have met lots of very special people at the many craft and design fairs over the years.  A few wonderful women I have to mention:









Joanna Swan 



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