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Support Indie Brands

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When buying from small business owners you trust, shopping experiences become more enjoyable because you know where the products are coming from and the makers and creators behind the products.

By supporting Indie Brands and Shopping Local, you're not only supporting your favourite quirky gift shop, but your building relationships within the community and helping support the local economy, all while constructing a more vibrant society. 

When you shop locally, many of the goods and services are locally sourced or crafted. This means that many of your pieces are one of a kind and carry a unique story. Handcrafted jewelry, artwork from local artisans, baked goods made with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation…

As a Bristol-based maker and independent retailer, the team at Wristees know how important it is to put your money into local stores and shop local. This is something that has always been at the heart of the Bristol creative community, but now more than ever we should focus on where we are putting our money! 

We don’t want entrepreneurial journeys to end - so have come up with some ways you can still continue your support towards small businesses:

Here’s what you can do to help…

  • Purchase online when you can.
  • Send a DM or email to ask businesses what they recommend as gift ideas for seasonal holidays and birthday presents.
  • If they are not yet an online store, see if they now do click and collect orders over the phone or through social media requests.
  • Purchase the The Indie Guide catalogue to browse independent businesses for unique gifts. 



It’s understandable that not everyone can put money into the favourite indie business they love- so we have also come up with ways that don’t spend a single penny to keep the ethos of support small!

  • Leave positive reviews.
  • Share, comment, like and engage across all social platforms (It’s especially important to engage on Instagram since the new algorithm is against small businesses).  
  • Recommend independent businesses to your friends and family.
  • Attend online events or open studios to discover new brands and meet the artists behind the work ( is a great place to look for zoom events). 

Thank you.

From the Wristee® Team.

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