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#12DaysOfWristees: Shopping Locally this Christmas

Posted by Anna Falcke on

#12DaysofWristees is all about shining a light on our selected products throughout the season period. We want to share all the new Anna Falcke designs with you, along with the classic best sellers you know and love (of course our fingerless Wristee® gloves). We want to encourage the nation to shop early, thoughtfully and as sustainably as possible through local indie businesses. 

By supporting independent brands and Shopping Local, you're not only supporting your favourite quirky gift shop, but you're building relationships within the community and helping support the local economy, all while constructing a more vibrant society. 

As a Bristol-based maker and independent retailer, the team at Wristee® know how important it is to put your money into local stores and shop locally. This is something that has always been at the heart of the Bristol creative community, but now more than ever we should focus on where we are putting our money!

How can I make my Christmas Shopping more sustainable?  

I understand Christmas shopping can be a minefield. So if you don’t have time to do lots of research around brands (as most of us don't!), we can advise you to find a local brand you love and that your values are aligned with.

We can't stress enough this year again that shopping early is paramount to small businesses. We have slower delivery processes and can't offer the turnaround of larger commercial brands. We are often one-man-bands (or women!) made of smaller teams putting all their love into handmade products (like us at #wristees). So to avoid disappointment and to receive presents by Christmas Day, please put your order in as soon as you can. 

Start by looking at what you currently purchase and see how you opt for things from smaller brands instead. Amazing gifts could be just around the corner from you- that you haven't explored before! 

We can suggest if shopping online is the way you roll and tackling the Christmas crowds has never been your thing, then google can be your best friend in finding indie businesses with online shops. We recommend the online Indie Guide Directory for this as you can find amazing products by just looking at their website (but they also have a catalogue version too!).

If you want to start somewhere, here is our Christmas 2021 Gift guide - suitable for the whole family! Please read full article here. 

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