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Velvet snood - Teal - annafalcke.com
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Snood - Rust
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5 Tips to Keep Your Hands Warm

5 Tips to Keep Your Hands Warm

A cold British chill can bring many issues for those with circulatory conditions, stiffness and pain caused by the colder months and of course some of us are more sensitive to the cold than others...

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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Find the perfect Christmas gift with Wristees…So it’s that time of year again, and you're stuck for a Christmas gift? 😱 The Wristees team has got you sorted with our Christmas gift guide for all the family.

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Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

We want to show you where our fabrics come from and tell you a little more about the process. We would love you to know the full journey of your Wristee® - so you know where the incredible hand-made designs come from...
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