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Seasonal Break

Hi it's Anna here, I’m taking a seasonal break over the warmer months. I will still be checking in with you all but our store will not be processing orders until June. I'll return shortly with new enthusiasm and energy eager to work on new designs for autumn. Enjoy your summer and we will be back before you know it! Feel free to browse and keep an eye on your favourite collections for colder days...

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Welcome to WRISTEES® by Anna Falcke®

Discover hugs for your hands with our best selling WRISTEES® fingerless gloves. Experience cosy comfort for your hands, while keeping your fingers free.


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Wristees® for Raynaud's Relief

Raynaud's disease is where blood vessels constrict in response to cold or stress, individuals with Raynaud's experience episodes of reduced blood flow to certain parts of the body, typically the fingers and toes. During these episodes, the affected areas may turn white or blue, and as blood flow returns, they may turn red and throb or tingle. The reduced blood flow can cause pain and discomfort, and in severe cases, it can lead to ulcers or sores on the affected areas. The severity of pain can vary, and some may find episodes more painful than others. 

Proper management, including keeping warm and using protective measures like wrist warmers, can help alleviate symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of Raynaud's episodes. Wristees® act as guardians, providing a layer of insulation around the wrists and pulse points, ensuring that blood flow remains steady. The open-finger design allows wearers to keep their fingers free for tasks while offering targeted protection where it's needed the most.

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Wristees® Walks

Dive into the world of Wristees® and find the most comfortable hand companions! 

These colourful fingerless gloves and wrist warmers have captured the affection of so many customers.

Whether you're facing the cold outside or relaxing indoors, Wristees® are here to become your hands' closest allies, offering warmth while letting your fingers move gracefully. 

Hand made in the UK, each pair hugs your hands, guaranteeing comfort and versatility. 

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Anna Falcke’s unique collection of hand-made accessories, are made up of beautiful and vibrant collections for men, women and children. As a Bristol-based and female-led design team, we are proud to say we make everything in the South West and keep our manufacturing within the UK.

In our local Bristol workshop we strive towards constantly improving our sustainable initiatives by keeping our products made in the UK.

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