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Take a Walk with Wristees®

Posted by Anna Falcke on

Style Guide 

It’s Wristee® time!

Now the weather is changing and our best selling Wristees® are becoming the go-to accessory once again! We have an array of colourful and flamboyant designs to show you and even more on the horizon too! (keep an eye on our social channels).

Our classic fingerless glove fold away into your bags or pockets nicely and are perfect a weekend stroll or to take the dog out. Our ‘‘hugs for your hands’ will be there for you and ready in any weather, so be sure to check out our guide below to see which Wristee® we recommend specially for each season!

...Why not take a walk around Bristol with us? Stop, get your Wristee® gloves on and click here for our suggested local walks Bristolians!

Wristee®: Fingerless Gloves for each Season

Autumn Months 

GOT Organic Cotton: Don't forget your mask wherever you are, things are changing throughout the pandemic, but I still feel safer carrying one whatever the restrictions! We have super soft and comfortable GOT fabric masks, they come with a neck loop so you can have it on you at all times. 

We have a wide range of GOT organic cotton stock too, but we recommended our Organic Wristees® to keep your hands snug throughout the autumn period, they are a best seller and for the eco-conscious buyer looking for something that provides warmth and style-  sustainably!

If you love the design of these but notice during mid winter your not as warm in these, we have had customers layer them up with some plain gloves underneath to let the fabulous jacquard design still shine through! 

Keep watching this space as we have other Organic Wristees® in the making and hope to soon be launching velvet too!

The Colder Seasons 

Pleated Wristee®: We recommend our pleated fleece Wristee® for the colder months! They work really well as a winter go-to, they fold away on your bag and dry in minutes if you get caught in a shower. The special pleats help trap the warmth in at the wrist and have a snuggly fit to prevent cold air from reaching your hands.

Coldest Point within the Winter

Polar Wristees®: Super warm for those extra cold days!  Our Polar fingerless gloves are ‘very warm’ on the spectrum of the complete Wristee® range. 

Double thickness and incredibly cosy for extra warmth and comfort. Made from 100% spun polyester.

...We also have a beautiful double layered Wristees® in our velvet range.  Stunning jewel coloured velvets with a  pleated fleece liner.  Gorgeous and extra special for gifts.

Great Walking Routes in Bristol 

We have had our Bristol workshop based at The Hive in St Annes for 7 years now.  The views from the workshop are probably the best from an Industrial Estate you could get.  Walks from our workshop are pretty spectacular, on the edge of the River Avon with waterside paths and spectacular views across the city from Troopers Hill.  As a celebration of all things Bristol, we would love to share with you our favourite #Wristee walks around the local area...👣

Take a walk with Wristees® here.

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Eye Pillows: The Benefits of an Eye Heat Compress

Posted by Anna Falcke on


The Benefits of Eye heat Compress 

Introducing our fabulous new heat bags from the Anna Falcke Workshop! These Eye Pillows are fully sustainable, made with an organic wheat filling from a local British farm and the covers have been created with our most loved Organic (GOTs) woven cotton . They are available in various jacquard organic designs in green, red, yellow, blue and black.

We have been busy bees down at The Hive workshop,  letting our imagination run wild with new creations before the madness of Winter kicks in once more. In this time of creativity and brainstorming, we have created the perfect little item to help you relax! Our new heat bags are ideal for yoga or pilates to cover and sooth the eyes in deep meditation or for further evening relaxation.

“Hugs for your eyes!”

We can appreciate the last year has got some of us glued to technology even more, which is why we wanted to give your tired screen eyes a break!  I’m sure many of us can relate to coming home from work where we were looking at a computer screen all day, leaving our eyes strained and dried out.  Using a warm compress could provide that much-needed relief! 

So how can Organic Heat Bags help your eyes?

1. Add moisture! It can ease the gritty feeling that comes with dry eyes

2. It keeps natural oils from clogging. Glands in your eyelids make oil (sometimes it can get thick or clumpy and clog them up) and this can cause Dry-eye syndrome.

3. It can help regenerate tired eyes! So if your nighttime-routine is leaving you waking up with tired eyes- these could be the one for you!

4. Relieves pain! If you have redness or discomfort a compress can give you quick relief.

5. They can help to relieve eye strain that comes from staring at digital screens all day.

6. You can even cool them in the freezer (pop inside resealable bag) and it will remain chilled for up to 30 mins.  Great for puffy eyes and for relieving headaches.

7. Warm compresses also provide eye comfort, improve circulation, and work as a sleep aid due to a relaxing effect. 

Routinely using a compress could be the missing key you’re looking for after a long day... So why not give our Eye Pillows a try here!

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Ways to Wear a Headscarf: 4 Stylish & Easy Looks to Try!

Posted by Anna Falcke on

We have a stunning collection of summer headscarves, body wraps and neck ties. As always they are handmade by Anna in her Bristol workshop, with her amazing talented team of in-house sewers. 

We are very well known for our best selling Wristee® fingerless glove, but have recently launched a summer collection of earrings, body wraps and our stunning handmade velvet and silks. 

The Bandana

The classic Bandana look from the 90s has made a come -back! And whether you were a fan then or not, you can’t argue that our silks look stunning wrapped around the head! It shows off the colours of the fabric so well and give off a very bohemian chic look!

Bandana ‘Around A Hat’

This style is great as it works with almost ANY summer hat that’s in your wardrobe. Our favourite matches are with straw hats or large summer sun hats! (So why not give it a try?)...

The Neck Tie

Turn this accessory into a neck accessory! Tie the silk around your neck, instead of over your head to create a unique look. Also, this helps add colour and print into a monotone or neutral outfit. This style is also known as a neckerchief. These silks are light (unlike our classic winter range) so ideal for adding colour round the neck too!

Cuff Bracelets

A new and improved way to wear our silk scarves  is by wrapping the colourful pieces around wrists or forearms.  You can match with your outfit, and it’s also a great way to have an emergency head warp to get the hair off your face!

So why not give these a go with our Silk Head Scarves? Shop here.

Want to know more about our headscarf fabrics? 

The Studio collection of Hand-painted silks and velvets are made in our local Bristol workshop. All the fabrics are individually crafted using various techniques...

🔮Hand-painted Silks & Velvets

We have very small batches that are dyed and then hand-painted. The fabrics are stretched out onto wooden stretchers and the dyes applied like paints, layering up the patterns to give depth and vitality. Once the desired pattern has been reached the silks are left to dry before being rolled onto tubes and placed into a fabric steamer for fixing. They are then washed, ironed and carefully sewn into their finished items.

🔮The Devoré range (burnout fabric)

A fabric technique that Anna has used for many years. A mixed fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibres which creates a semi-transparent pattern against the more solidly woven fabric. Various fabrics can be used for this but it is mainly known for use on Velvet. To create this effect Anna uses a mixed fibre velvet combining silk and viscose. She creates a design on paper which is then transferred onto a screen for screen-printing.

The velvet is stretched onto a print bed or frame and screen printed or painted using the devoré clear gum (to devour) rather than dyes. Once dry it goes through a heat treatment which causes the chemical reaction allowing the pile of the fabric to be etched. The base fabric is never damaged (this process is very time consuming and today Anna has her designs especially etched for her). 


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The Rise in Self-employed Women

Posted by Anna Falcke on

As we praise the entrepreneurship of more women entering the world of business, for the majority of women, self-employment does not appear to be a ‘choice’ but a necessity driven by factors such as public sector job losses, the increase of the female retirement age, or a need to accommodate caring responsibilities for children.

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How We Manage Fabric Waste

Posted by Anna Falcke on

Following on from Our Fabrics”; we would like to share with you how we handle waste fabrics at Wristees®. It’s important to us to strive towards constantly improving our sustainable initiatives and we are always finding new ways to ‘upcycle’...
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