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Wristee® Regular size

Our Best-selling pleated WristeeⓇ - Fingerless gloves which we trademarked over 10 years ago comes in an array of colours and can be paired up with all of our pleated scarf designs.

"Beautiful colours, stylish and perfect for keeping my wrists warm". 

Keep your hands and wrists warm with these super-soft, pleated fleecy fingerless gloves.   WristeesⓇ  help keep you warm from the cold outside and toasty cosy-warm inside. Worn by artists to gardeners, archers to musicians, dog walkers to joggers, cyclists to hikers, typists in cold offices and people suffering from bad circulation such as Reynaulds disease.  Pop them on in the morning and if you need your fingers out just pull them up over your wrists rather than taking them off!..they really do make a difference.  :-)

These fingerless gloves come in a variety of colours and designs, hand made in the UK, machine Washable and very practical. 

A perfect choice for anyone who needs warm hands - with their fingers free.

We make them in 3 sizes to fit different sized hands and a children's collection.  ADULT - Regular/Slimline/Large

They are made from 100% polar fleece which retains much of its insulating quality even when wet. They are machine washable and dry quickly. They are a good alternative to wool for those who are allergic or sensitive to wool.  

We also have a Recycled plastic bottle range and a 100% organic cotton collection.  

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