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Wristees®: Tips to Keep Your Hands Warm

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From working at the new home office to wintery walks - Wristees® have the perfect solutions to keeping you nice and toasty this year! A cold British chill can bring many issues for those with circulatory conditions, stiffness and pain caused by the colder months and of course some of us are more sensitive to the cold than others. If you keep your wrists covered from the cold with your fingers free, it can be massively beneficial to sustaining warmth throughout the day. Gloves are great, but there is always a need to take them on and off which loses the vital heat you have been trying to build up. 

Tips for staying warm:

1. If you suffer with conditions like raynaud's, it’s beneficial to layer up to trap heat. Our pleated Wristees® work wonders for this as they are pleated to trap the warmth in and are easy to layer up under big coats and even wear gloves underneath the Wristees® when the weather turns colder. (have you seen our double sided ‘Polar’ Wristees®, super warm and worth checking out if you want that extra layer of warmth too).  If you suffer from poor circulation it’s important to also warm your core as well as protect your hands and wrists, layer up and keep toasty-warm.  

2. Be prepared and always carry an extra warmer or two in your bag, as it’s much easier to warm up if you're not already extremely cold. Our Wristees® and cuffs will fold away nicely in a handbag or backpack.

3. Match your warmers to what you're doing! Our Wristees are really accessible, worn inside and outside the house.  Perfect for cold offices and classrooms ideal for our world of people being glued to tech - Wristees® are an easy way to help keep warm whilst continuing your office day. We also make a mini hot water bottle which is a great size to tuck into the small of your back when working or on your lap when sat at the computer etc.

4. Wristees® help keep you warm and with your fingers free so you can carry out tasks without removing them… no need to take them off, just push them up over the wrist if you need your whole hand exposed for washing etc.

5.Your ankles and head also let out lots of bodily warmth so it’s important to keep these areas shielded from the chill too. We have a range of Ankleesⓒ (in smaller and wider fits for men and women) they are colourful, fun and very practical for walkers - or those working from home, great for yoga and pilates or for keeping extra snug in your PJs.

And don’t forget… most importantly- get wiggling those hands! 

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