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Ways to Wear a Headscarf: 4 Stylish & Easy Looks to Try

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We have a stunning collection of summer headscarves, body wraps and neck ties. As always they are handmade by Anna in her Bristol workshop, with her amazing talented team of in-house sewers. 

We are very well known for our best selling Wristee® fingerless glove, but have recently launched a summer collection of earrings, body wraps and our stunning handmade velvet and silks. 


The Bandana

The classic Bandana look from the 90s has made a come -back! And whether you were a fan then or not, you can’t argue that our silks look stunning wrapped around the head! It shows off the colours of the fabric so well and give off a very bohemian chic look!

Bandana ‘Around A Hat’

This style is great as it works with almost ANY summer hat that’s in your wardrobe. Our favourite matches are with straw hats or large summer sun hats! (So why not give it a try?)...

The Neck Tie

Turn this accessory into a neck accessory! Tie the silk around your neck, instead of over your head to create a unique look. Also, this helps add colour and print into a monotone or neutral outfit. This style is also known as a neckerchief. These silks are light (unlike our classic winter range) so ideal for adding colour round the neck too!

Cuff Bracelets

A new and improved way to wear our silk scarves  is by wrapping the colourful pieces around wrists or forearms.  You can match with your outfit, and it’s also a great way to have an emergency head warp to get the hair off your face!

So why not give these a go with our Silk Head Scarves? Shop here.

Want to know more about our headscarf fabrics? 

The Studio collection of Hand-painted silks and velvets are made in our local Bristol workshop. All the fabrics are individually crafted using various techniques...

🔮Hand-painted Silks & Velvets

We have very small batches that are dyed and then hand-painted. The fabrics are stretched out onto wooden stretchers and the dyes applied like paints, layering up the patterns to give depth and vitality. Once the desired pattern has been reached the silks are left to dry before being rolled onto tubes and placed into a fabric steamer for fixing. They are then washed, ironed and carefully sewn into their finished items.

🔮The Devoré range (burnout fabric)

A fabric technique that Anna has used for many years. A mixed fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibres which creates a semi-transparent pattern against the more solidly woven fabric. Various fabrics can be used for this but it is mainly known for use on Velvet. To create this effect Anna uses a mixed fibre velvet combining silk and viscose. She creates a design on paper which is then transferred onto a screen for screen-printing.

The velvet is stretched onto a print bed or frame and screen printed or painted using the devoré clear gum (to devour) rather than dyes. Once dry it goes through a heat treatment which causes the chemical reaction allowing the pile of the fabric to be etched. The base fabric is never damaged (this process is very time consuming and today Anna has her designs especially etched for her). 

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